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Saturday Oct 24, 2009

No lyrics this time. Instead, Fleacia plays along with a Hugh Tracey Celeste G Pentatonic Kalimba--don't make me say it again. :o The drum-like sound is no drum: it's just me tapping Fleacia's back. Got a wooden uke? Don't try this at home! I was going to call this Leleby, but decided the piece was too serious for that. Then, I thought about Lullaby, but that was too boring. So I looked on Wikipedia and found Berceuse. There ya go.

Sunday Oct 18, 2009

Sukey (The Spooky Ukey) 1. Oh when you see the blackest cats, And when the house is full of bats, That's when Sukey comes to play And make a little hay. When suddenly your mirror breaks And under ladders you must pace, That's when her spirit comes to call As colors change in Fall. Chorus: It's Sukey, the spooky ukey. She came down to earth on Halloween, at midnight. It's Sukey, the spooky ukey, And she revels when the moon is dark or light. 2. Oh when the bad things come in threes And apples can't help your disease, That's when Sukey wanders by To shed light in the sky. When you've stepped on a million cracks And everyone has awful backs, That's when she sings her thirteen tunes Of happiness and gloom. Chorus: (Twice)

Wednesday Sep 30, 2009

Fleacia Theme Song "My dog has fleas." Now come follow me, And we'll have a fabulous Flea for all. You'll be so pleased! Just listen at peace As Fleacia and I share our songs. 'Cause you know you want to join our Flea for all! Oh, but little fleas do bite, you know, And so you'll have to bring on home A Flea uke of your very own. And your dog will have fleas too! This song is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.

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